Wealthy Beyond My Wildest Dreams

By John Lindner

Kids at a CRS Food Program

Michael Phillips dedication to the poor helped people in nearly 100 countries around the world. Photo by Lane Hartill for CRS


Full disclosure: I know about Michael Phillips because of his work with CRS. Michael has given a lot of money to help the hungry. So, from a material perspective his story could be about a guy who, on a substance abuse counselor’s salary, displayed unimaginable financial generosity.

But that’s not Michael’s story.

This is Michael Phillip’s story: He loved Jesus. He loved being Catholic. He loved.

That made Michael Phillips is one of the richest men I’ve ever heard of. If I had half his spirit, I’d be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.





  1. Inspirational story. I find it remarkable that people can be so giving, so unselfish and considerate. I would love to be like that but change would be painful..I hope and pray I can change my innate selfish desires to become more like Michael Phillips.

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